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Remedies For Fever

Please consult your doctor before trying anything below

Man are you hot?
In some circles, that is quite a compliment. At the moment however, it is just a cold, hard fact: Your temperature ‘s up, and you are quite uncomfortable Right now, compared with you, the devil is a cool dude. But before you take steps to douse the fire, listen to what doctors say about Remedies for fever.

Make sure you actually have a fever.
Although 98.6F is considered the norm, that number is not etched in stone. Normal temperature varies from person to person and fluctuates widely throughout the day. Food, excess clothing , emotional excitement, and vigorous exercise can all elevate temperature. In fact vigorous exercise can raise body temperature to as high as 103F. Furthermore, children tend to have higher temperatures than adults and greater daily variations.

So here a general rule: If your temperature is 99f to 100f start thinking about the possibility of fever. If it is 100f or above, it is a fever.
Often a person’s appearance is a better indicator of his condition than hard-and-fast numbers. A child with raised temperature who looks ill needs attention sooner than one who looks and acts well

Do not fight it:
If you have a fever, remember this: Fever itself is not an illness, it is a symptom of one. In fact it is one of the body’s defense mechanisms against infection. And fever may even serve as useful purpose: shortening an illness, increasing the power of antibiotics, and making an infection less contagious. These possibilities should be weighed against the discomfort involved in letting a slight fever run it course

If you feel the need for extra relief, try the following steps.

Liquefy your assets:
When you are hot, your body perspires to cool you down. But if you lose too much water as might with a high fever your body turns off its sweat ducts for forestall further water loss. That makes it more difficult for you to cope with your fever. The moral of this story is : Drink up, mateys, or your ship will be sunk.

In addition to a plain water, doctors favor the following: Fruit and vegetables juices.
These are high in vitamins and minerals. If you are thirsty for tomato juice, choose one that is low in sodium.

One doctor’s botanical tea.
Although any tea will provide needed fluid. Several are particularly suited for fever. On emixture she likes combines equals parts dried thyme, linden flowers, and chamomile flowers. Thyme has antiseptic properties, chamomile reduces inflammations, and linden promotes sweating. Steep 1 teaspoon of the mixture in 1 cup of boiling water for 5 minutes. Strain and drink warm several times a day.

Linden tea.
This tea by itself is also good, and can induce sweating to break fever. Use 1 teaspoon of the flowers in 1 cup of boiling water. Prepare a above and drink hot often.

Willow bark.
This bark is rich salicylates which are aspirin related compounds, and is condered nature’s fever medication. Brew into a tea and drink in small doses.

Black elder.
Another old-time fever treatment, black elder is preferable to willow bark if you can not tolerate aspirin, Brew its flowers and berries in a tea.

If you are too nauseated to drink you can suck on ice. For variety, freeze fruit juice in an ice-cube tray. To entice a feverish child, embed a grape or strawberry in each cube.